Frequently asked questions

What is bloom?

Bloom is a naturally occurring, dust-like powdery substance or frost-like "film" that appears on the surface of the beeswax candles. Bloom is an indication of high-quality beeswax and does not affect the burning of the candle, it is your assurance that the wax is pure. Most often bloom occurs when the wax has been exposed to significant temperature change. If your candle develops bloom and you would like to remove it, simply buff it with a soft cloth or nylon stocking, or warm the wax with a hair dryer (low setting).

Why are there variations in color?

The natural color of beeswax will vary depending on the type of flower pollinated. Sometimes it can be dark yellow, sometimes bright yellow and sometimes very pale yellow. We are always trying to keep our products consistent in color by mixing different batches of wax; however, there may be slight variations in color. Since beeswax is a natural product it is never 100% consistent in shade, variations are inevitable.

What is the best method to remove beeswax?

A good method of removing leftover wax from a container is to place it into a freezer. After it has had a chance to cool, use a knife to carefully pop out the wax. Another method is to warm the container in the oven on low heat just as the wax begins to melt, pour out and wipe off residue with a paper towel. Use care as the container can be very hot.